Solutions & Resolutions
Consultancy, Mediation and Arbitration to the Smart Home Industry

Even with the best intentions, sometimes projects don’t go to plan;  At The Howard-Hopkins Partnership we seek to provide solutions and resolutions to both system integrators and their clients to enable projects to get back on track, without the need to get tied down in lengthly and costly legal proceedings.

Our focus is on resolutions and solutions – we see this as being the “best outcome” for all parties involved.

At The Howard-Hopkins Partnership we are uniquely positioned having broad experience of the home automation industry, from the practical elements of installation and project management, to the best use of specified technology. Moreover, our partners have strong relationships with most major manufactures and distributors, in some cases, having been involved in the development of products and software for major home automation brands.

The above coupled with our strong legal background, sets The Howard-Hopkins Partnership apart from all others in the industry.

We are based in the UK with offices in London and Northumberland, but we provide our services to both domestic and overseas projects alike.

We are also pleased to be introducing our new “Sign Off Service”, helping installers and home owners avoid situations every arising.